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Research projects timeline

[MASTER'S THESIS] Media influence on Russian students in their perception of the United States: Using a survey to compare students who have and have not traveled to the U.S. Click1, click2
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Exploring the Hardwired for Health News hypothesis: Psychophysiological processing of information about threat proximity in print stories Click1
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Psycho-physiological exploration of sensationalism and proximity in domestic and foreign news stories Click1
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] The 2008 Russian presidential election offers new attributes: A first- and second-level agenda setting analysis of the U.S. media coverage using the framework of competitive authoritarianism Click1
[DISSERTATION] The Effects of Stereotypical Depictions of African-Americans in Web-Based News Stories Presented in Conditions With Different Levels of Distraction Click1, click2
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Effects of international stories, previous knowledge, and credibility on images of foreign nations: An image theory perspective Click1, send an email at to request data, stimuli, and instrument
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Multitasking across borders: Media multitasking behaviors in the U.S., Russia, and Kuwait Click1, click2, click3
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Learning about the world: The model of cognitive processing of international news messages Click1
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Collective action online: Content analysis of Facebook posts in three Egyptian groups during the events of the Arab Spring. Continued with the analysis of Venezuela protests in 2019
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Gender digital divide? Facebook uses and gratifications among Kuwaiti college students Click1
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Why do we multitask with media? Predictors of media multitasking among Internet users in the United States and Taiwan Click1, click2
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] The role of advertising, news, and interpersonal communication in February 2012 parliamentary elections in Kuwait: Two-Step Flow of Information Approach Click1
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Exploring the motivations of Facebook use in Taiwan Click1
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] The relationship between media multitasking and advertising skepticism Click1, click2
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] The effects of multitasking with screen devices on users' snacking behavior Click1, click2, click3, click4
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Media multitasking among medical students Click1
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Older adults' use of media and media multitasking Click1
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Sponsored and branded mobile health apps and consumer perceptions of app quality and credibility Click1, click2
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Thematic ad-context congruence and proportion of exposure to congruent and incongruent ads: Effects on recognition memory, attitudes, and behavior intentions Click1
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Media multitasking and attitudes toward advertising in the Netherlands and the United States Click1
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Switching between mobile apps: A field study Click1
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR, CO-INVESTIGATOR] The use of wearable activity trackers (WATs) in the population of older adults (65+) Click 1, click 2, click 3, click4
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Preprint advertising delivery in a local newspaper and its influence on consumer spending Click1
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Personality traits and media use as predictors of risky behaviors such as texting while driving and texting while walking
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Playing a driving simulation game while listening to music  streams interrupted and uninterrupted by ads: A psychophysiological investigation
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] A qualitative exploration of media and information/communication technology use of older adults with and without cognitive impairment and dementia
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] The role of modality in operating consumer vehicles: Perspectives from younger and older customers on touch- and voice-based commands
[PROJECT SPECIALIST, CO-INVESTIGATOR] Developing partnership with the Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection (A-CAPP) Center at Michigan State University
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Exploring the construct of advertising avoidance in the era of Internet-driven media, convergence, and distracted device and content use
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] "Watching animals to reduce stress" Click 1
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] "The Power of Algorithm: Effects of relevant and irrelevant ads in programmatic buying on consumer self- and product perceptions"
[PROJECT CO-INVESTIGATOR] Social media messages and promotion of risky and illegal activities (e.g., processing of Instagram messages about illegal drug use)
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Task switching and usability of retail websites
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] Multitasking with Facebook webpage while reading about health online Click1, click2, click3
[PROJECT PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR] The effects of thematic ad-context congruence and ad format on recognition memory and ad/brand attitudes Click1
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